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welcome to realitycrutch

Far away, where the geese take refuge from the cold part of the world, grew a small girl called Helen who was the third of six children. In the fields, creek, and pond, she played with her brothers and sisters. At times, she played alone, reading books under the shade of the trees she loved or sharing stories with the animals that came from all around to stay with her. From time to time she was very sad, but the cause of such inner sorrow was a mystery.

The girl with long golden hair was happiest when she played in the land of make-believe, a realm where any idea and fantasy was part of the alternative reality of the moment, where a pile of rocks was a castle and a cup of sand was a delicious tea from a distant continent.

As the years went by she grew in age, though only slightly in size, remaining small and youthful as an outward expression of her unwillingness to give up her childish imagination and fairytale dreams. When she came of age she discovered she not only had the power to make-believe but to make reality. She dyed her hair red and cut it short, changed her name to Arianna, and traveled out into the world to seek her fortune and cure her sadness.

Through her adventures, as she makes discoveries and creations, she puts them on this website.

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